Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Have Decided To...

Alright, our fans have let us know that the Quigley's should KEEP our blog! Now we just have to figure out how to update it more often. I appreciate all of your insight on our blog, some of you didn't even know we had one. Others want us to keep posting to remind us of our shortcomings. Whatever the reason we will keep posting best we can and hopefully more of you start reading our blog. We will try and "announce" new posts via facebook and other things so keep an eye out.

Quick update for everyone who may be wondering what the Quigleys are up to recently. Gina and I are continuing our bicycling dreams and have signed up for another LOTOJA. For those of you not familiar, LOTOJA is a single day 206 mile bike race that starts in Logan, UT and ends in Jackson Hole, WY. We are in the midst of training and ride almost every day to prepare for this grueling event. Every year I cannot figure out why we register for this day of death, but we keep doing it. Gina and I have a little rivalry building as she beat me the first year and I claimed the title last year. Gina is convinced she will reclaim the title this year but she doesn't have a chance.

We recently went on a trip to Moab where we hiked and went white water rafting. We had a great time and I must say I have never seen Gina so concerned/scared as I did while we were floating the Colorado River. It was really quite entertaining to see her in this state. If I get the approval I may post a video here of our river trip. My guess is Gina will put the hammer down on that one and no one will ever see that footage again. We really enjoyed our time in the desert and cannot wait to go back to explore some more. Shout out to the Easterlings for being our guides, you guys were awesome.

Other than that, it is work as normal and just living everyday life. We have a few other trips planned here in the future and are looking forward to camping a little more this year. The snow is finally melting up at our house so we are finally beginning to enjoy nice weather, green trees, and the animals are finally out of hibernation! It was a long long winter. It snowed as late as father's day this year. We were officially sick of the snow. We will enjoy three months of good weather before the white fluffy stuff begins to fly again.

That's all for now. I will put some photos together or something here sometime so that it isn't just boring text you have to look at. Thanks for reading and we will catch ya next time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Posts?

Ok, so Gina and I are clearly not very good at updating our blog. I recently have been looking at some of our friends blogs and its clear that we will never be as diligent as many of you are. With that said, it's time to take a poll. Should the Quigleys keep their blog and try to update it as much as possible or should we disband the disgrace that has been our past and move on not looking back? Its up to you all to tell us what to do. If you want to have us keep our blog let us know. Email us, facebook us, call us, smack us int he face, just let us know somehow. Within the next couple weeks we will let you know of the outcome!!