Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why my life sucks at times...

So let me tell you of a little story about a series of tragic events that happened to me on this fine Thursday. Before I begin, let me give you a little background that will make this story even better and help you understand why my life really sucks today! So I am enrolled in this business law class this semester. At the beginning of semester I went to purchase all my books. I only needed to buy three of them and one of them cost me about $50. My grand total from all my books would have come to about $450!! If you do the math, two books tallied a total of over $400, which I thought was absolutely absurd. So I did what most would do, boycott. I didn't buy either of them. I went as long as I could before it became necessary to buy the books. Two weeks ago I purchased my investment book, luckily one came in that was used so it only cost $150, instead of over $200. But my business law book was still looming at $192, no option to purchase a used one (something I was hoping for!). Which brings us to today.

So I had this test looming in my business law class. It was based solely on the text and is an open book test. Naturally it would be dumb of me not to purchase the book. So I go to the bookstore this morning to buy the dreaded book, which I still feel is the same as robbery. I find the shelf where I see the book. Look at the price again, sigh in disbelief again, reluctantly pick it up and and walk to the counter to purchase it. Spend my 190 big ones and boy did I feel like poop. To make matters worse, on my receipt the cashier stamps this huge "ALL TEXTBOOK SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS!" right on the receipt. This pretty much sealed my fate. I walked out of the store and off to class with my shiny new book, still in the plastic.

As I get to class, I notice that some of the books that others have are different than mine. I think to myself "it must be an earlier addition," or something like that. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed that everyone's books are the same except for mine! All I can think about is my receipt that says "NO RETURNS." After my test, I pull up the syllabus and check to see what all this mess is about. Sure enough, I needed a different book. I go back to the bookstore to find the right one hoping they will understand that I made an honest mistake and that I would be allowed to switch out the books. I go back to the shelf where I got the wrong book, and their is no other book. My class has two sections, and apparently I got section 2's book, why they are different I don't know, both professors share the teaching duty so we have both of them. None the less, I have the wrong book and the book I need is not available, oh and just in case you are wondering, they are the exact same price. So I find an employee of the bookstore, inform him of my situation and ask two questions. Do you have the book I need? And, am I screwed having purchased the other one? He checked their inventory and told me that they would have to special order the one I needed, and even though my receipt said "NO RETURNS" on it that if I had the receipt I could exchange my wrong book for the right one when it came in. Hooray!!

Wait, don't get to ahead of yourself, this story isn't over, remember, my life sucks at times. So I walk back to my bag and proceed to walk out of the bookstore when panic strikes my heart. The receipt! It was in the bag my book came in, which I took out of the bag as I got to class and then promptly threw into the trash can!!!!! I even thought to myself "normally I hang on to these for the receipt but you saw what it read in big red bold ink, 'TEXTBOOK SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS.'" I quickly new my chance for salvaging my money and my book was on the line. $190 dollars is a lot of money and I'll be darned if I let it slide! So I run back up the stairs to the library, go down three floors to the trash can outside my classroom where the receipt lay in wait for me. With students all around me wondering why I am so anxious to tear through the trash can, my worst fears are realized, my bag with the receipt is not there. In that 2 hour window, the can had been emptied and my receipt was gone. My $192 down the drain, and I still have the wrong book and most likely will not be able to exchange it for the right one. I have concluded that all the information I need has to be in the book I currently own and that it can't be that bad if I just use it, after all, its used in the other sections class. My life really sucks at times

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OK, OK... I'll write something

So all our friends are really good bloggers and always have good things to write about. SO... I thought we would jump on the band wagon . . . and let everyone know . . . we can blog too! Ha, Clayton if you are reading this, I know what you were thinking, sucker. Truth be told, Gina and I actually do some pretty cool things, but when it comes to pictures of what we do, I always ruin them. Don't believe me? Look at these:
Wait, it gets worse...
and yet even worse!

So a couple weekends ago, Gina and I went up to a friends cabin. Gina is the YW pres in our ward, so she took all the girls up to the cabin too! We had a great time, sledding, snowmobiling, playing in the snow and lots of other things as well. Unfortunately my head got really wet and added to the creepyness of these photos. Now the last photo I hope you all know that I meant to make that face! Unfortunately, those other ones I just happen to look like I have horse teeth. All and all, the weekend was fun and we loved it. Stay tuned for more excitement from Ross and Gina's adventures!