Monday, November 24, 2008


OK, so I was a little discouraged after our last post because no one commented any ideas on what Gina and I should be for Halloween. Well, there were a couple, so thank you. However, because of the lack of response I figured no one would mind if it took a while for us to get around to posting something new. So a month later, here we are and plenty has happened since then. So here is an update to catch you all up on what we have been up too.

First off, I neglected to remember to post about Gina's birthday! Don't worry, I didn't forget all together! Gina's birthday is kind of fun because it is a little different than the normal birthday. See, she doesn't do the whole sugar thing, I still am not sure how, so the traditional cake is out of the question. What do you do? I asked myself this many times, but Gina does have a love for something sweet, fruit! So I made her a fruit cake! err... salad. It was really fun, I got to use a melon baller! Anyway, Gina is officially 24 as of last Oct. 1st. Happy B-day again!

Next, even though we didn't get many ideas for Halloween, we came up with a pretty good costume. Even though we couldn't find anywhere that had nose puddy, our Christmas Who outfits turned out pretty good. Gina makes a really good who. You'll never ever guess how she gets her hair to stay up like that! Those of you that just looked at the picture and thought "I bet she ..." your guess is wrong, I guarantee it. I however, don't make the best who. Putting on the sparkling makeup, doing may hair all crazy and wearing green fish net stockings made me feel more like a Christmas cross dresser! We had a fun time though! We spent the evening at a party with some friends who had some nice costumes of their own.

Football! Can you say crazy? That is how I felt about the TCU Utah game on the 6th! It was a long miserable cold game in all regards until about 2 minutes left when the Utes finally woke up and put together the game winning drive to stay undefeated! Those of you who don't know, the Quigley's (minus Gina) are huge Utah fans. Fall Saturdays are all about football and the Quigley boys (Ross, Dad and Clayson) are usually found somewhere between sections 25 and 24 in the north end zone of Rice-Eccles Stadium! Go UTES!

Those of you who know Gina know that she is an active girl always doing fun things. This summer she was introduced into biking and has been trying me to get into it as well. I finally did and I really really like it! I got a bike and all the gear, yes that includes tight shorts and even a pair of tight pants for cold weather, and have been out a few times! My first ride ever I went for a 25 mile ride to the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon and back. I was a very tired boy when I got home! It is really fun and I am really glad Gina convinced me to get a bike! Thanks Sweetie! Oh, and she is twice the rider I am so I have some work to do, I can't let her out do me for too long, right?

So Gina spends a lot of time at work these days, its not easy being a sugar momma! She is the best sugar momma around though! Anyway, speaking of sugar, while she is at work she should hide the sugar because I just can't be held responsible for what happens while she is gone! Yes, that thing on the plate is a ginormous cookie! Yay for cookies!

Back too football!! Do I need to say anything? Utah has completed an undefeated season, again, and will be going to a BCS bowl, again, and I couldn't be happier! This past weekend has been just absolutely great! All week I wasn't able to concentrate on my school, work was meaningless, and I could barely sleep I was so excited for the Utah BYU game. And all my built up excitement was worth it! What a game. Utah wins 48-24 in what was probably the biggest game ever played between the two. Utah not only won, they won the Mountain West Conference Championship and a BCS bowl bid is likely to follow! I love it. Gina is being a great sport about it all too. My family is a little crazy about Utah football, and Gina being a BYU fan gets to hear about it a lot! However, I have to say that she is being really good about the whole thing and isn't making excuses, but is happy for the Utes success. It has been a great year for Utah football and to be a Utah fan. At the Utah BYU game, I was going crazy, screaming all game long, jumping up and down, high fiving anybody and everybody I could get my hands too, and even trying to pick up my little brother! It was awesome! At the conclusion of the game, Clayson and I rushed the field (no we weren't part of the morons who ran on the field with 2 minutes left to play). It was awesome! There were so many people that it was impossible to stand in the same place. Before it was all over, I gave Freddie Brown high five, slapped Matt Asiata's shoulder pads, and stood belly to belly with Alex Smith! It was absolutely one of the greatest moments I have ever had as a Utah football fan. The best ever was when I was just a kid and Utah beat BYU 34-31 for the first time. I was at the game with my dad and when that last field goal went through, he picked me up and threw me into the air! I ended up a few rows up, but it was awesome! GO UTES!!!
Oh and in case you all were wondering, I did not rush the field with my shirt off, but rest assured that I was ready and prepared to do so if it became necessary to do so! I am a Utah man sir... are you? (Gina, I made the picture small as to try and not embarrass myself or you!! Love you!)