Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Have Decided To...

Alright, our fans have let us know that the Quigley's should KEEP our blog! Now we just have to figure out how to update it more often. I appreciate all of your insight on our blog, some of you didn't even know we had one. Others want us to keep posting to remind us of our shortcomings. Whatever the reason we will keep posting best we can and hopefully more of you start reading our blog. We will try and "announce" new posts via facebook and other things so keep an eye out.

Quick update for everyone who may be wondering what the Quigleys are up to recently. Gina and I are continuing our bicycling dreams and have signed up for another LOTOJA. For those of you not familiar, LOTOJA is a single day 206 mile bike race that starts in Logan, UT and ends in Jackson Hole, WY. We are in the midst of training and ride almost every day to prepare for this grueling event. Every year I cannot figure out why we register for this day of death, but we keep doing it. Gina and I have a little rivalry building as she beat me the first year and I claimed the title last year. Gina is convinced she will reclaim the title this year but she doesn't have a chance.

We recently went on a trip to Moab where we hiked and went white water rafting. We had a great time and I must say I have never seen Gina so concerned/scared as I did while we were floating the Colorado River. It was really quite entertaining to see her in this state. If I get the approval I may post a video here of our river trip. My guess is Gina will put the hammer down on that one and no one will ever see that footage again. We really enjoyed our time in the desert and cannot wait to go back to explore some more. Shout out to the Easterlings for being our guides, you guys were awesome.

Other than that, it is work as normal and just living everyday life. We have a few other trips planned here in the future and are looking forward to camping a little more this year. The snow is finally melting up at our house so we are finally beginning to enjoy nice weather, green trees, and the animals are finally out of hibernation! It was a long long winter. It snowed as late as father's day this year. We were officially sick of the snow. We will enjoy three months of good weather before the white fluffy stuff begins to fly again.

That's all for now. I will put some photos together or something here sometime so that it isn't just boring text you have to look at. Thanks for reading and we will catch ya next time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Posts?

Ok, so Gina and I are clearly not very good at updating our blog. I recently have been looking at some of our friends blogs and its clear that we will never be as diligent as many of you are. With that said, it's time to take a poll. Should the Quigleys keep their blog and try to update it as much as possible or should we disband the disgrace that has been our past and move on not looking back? Its up to you all to tell us what to do. If you want to have us keep our blog let us know. Email us, facebook us, call us, smack us int he face, just let us know somehow. Within the next couple weeks we will let you know of the outcome!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So those of you who may not know this, Gina and I have picked up a new hobby, cycling, and are ready to take it to the next level. Well, I really don't even know what level I am on, but Gina has already had some experience so for her it is the next level. For me this may be... shall we call it, a "baptism by fire" experience! Anyway, we have done the craziest thing and registered for the LOTOJA Classic. For those of you who do now know what the LOTOJA is, it is the longest single day bike race in America. It starts in Logan, Utah (hence the LO) and finishes 216 miles later in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (hence the JA, LOgan TO JAckson). Registration for this race is quite tight and for the most part it is a lottery selection process. There are a few ways to get a guaranteed spot in the race, one being standing on the podium for last years race. Well, we all know that won't be the case!! One of the other ways is to register as a Hometown Hero. A Hometown Hero is a program sponsored by the Huntsman Cancer Institute. How it works is we sign up with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to help raise money for their research and development. Our goal is to raise $800 that will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and in return they will register us for LOTOJA as a Hometown Hero! Gina and I are proud to say that we are excited to not only race in LOTOJA (for me its not so much a race as it is a goal just to cross the finish line!) but to also help raise money for a wonderful cause. This is where all of you come in. We need every one's help to reach our goals. We are not asking you give us your life's savings, but if you are in a position to do so, please help us out. Any amount is very much appreciated. You can can help Gina out by donating at:

and/or you can help Ross out by donating at:

Once again, thanks for all your support and help, we love you all! Wish us luck on our journey and pray that I don't die along the way! I will need it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why my life sucks at times...

So let me tell you of a little story about a series of tragic events that happened to me on this fine Thursday. Before I begin, let me give you a little background that will make this story even better and help you understand why my life really sucks today! So I am enrolled in this business law class this semester. At the beginning of semester I went to purchase all my books. I only needed to buy three of them and one of them cost me about $50. My grand total from all my books would have come to about $450!! If you do the math, two books tallied a total of over $400, which I thought was absolutely absurd. So I did what most would do, boycott. I didn't buy either of them. I went as long as I could before it became necessary to buy the books. Two weeks ago I purchased my investment book, luckily one came in that was used so it only cost $150, instead of over $200. But my business law book was still looming at $192, no option to purchase a used one (something I was hoping for!). Which brings us to today.

So I had this test looming in my business law class. It was based solely on the text and is an open book test. Naturally it would be dumb of me not to purchase the book. So I go to the bookstore this morning to buy the dreaded book, which I still feel is the same as robbery. I find the shelf where I see the book. Look at the price again, sigh in disbelief again, reluctantly pick it up and and walk to the counter to purchase it. Spend my 190 big ones and boy did I feel like poop. To make matters worse, on my receipt the cashier stamps this huge "ALL TEXTBOOK SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS!" right on the receipt. This pretty much sealed my fate. I walked out of the store and off to class with my shiny new book, still in the plastic.

As I get to class, I notice that some of the books that others have are different than mine. I think to myself "it must be an earlier addition," or something like that. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed that everyone's books are the same except for mine! All I can think about is my receipt that says "NO RETURNS." After my test, I pull up the syllabus and check to see what all this mess is about. Sure enough, I needed a different book. I go back to the bookstore to find the right one hoping they will understand that I made an honest mistake and that I would be allowed to switch out the books. I go back to the shelf where I got the wrong book, and their is no other book. My class has two sections, and apparently I got section 2's book, why they are different I don't know, both professors share the teaching duty so we have both of them. None the less, I have the wrong book and the book I need is not available, oh and just in case you are wondering, they are the exact same price. So I find an employee of the bookstore, inform him of my situation and ask two questions. Do you have the book I need? And, am I screwed having purchased the other one? He checked their inventory and told me that they would have to special order the one I needed, and even though my receipt said "NO RETURNS" on it that if I had the receipt I could exchange my wrong book for the right one when it came in. Hooray!!

Wait, don't get to ahead of yourself, this story isn't over, remember, my life sucks at times. So I walk back to my bag and proceed to walk out of the bookstore when panic strikes my heart. The receipt! It was in the bag my book came in, which I took out of the bag as I got to class and then promptly threw into the trash can!!!!! I even thought to myself "normally I hang on to these for the receipt but you saw what it read in big red bold ink, 'TEXTBOOK SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS.'" I quickly new my chance for salvaging my money and my book was on the line. $190 dollars is a lot of money and I'll be darned if I let it slide! So I run back up the stairs to the library, go down three floors to the trash can outside my classroom where the receipt lay in wait for me. With students all around me wondering why I am so anxious to tear through the trash can, my worst fears are realized, my bag with the receipt is not there. In that 2 hour window, the can had been emptied and my receipt was gone. My $192 down the drain, and I still have the wrong book and most likely will not be able to exchange it for the right one. I have concluded that all the information I need has to be in the book I currently own and that it can't be that bad if I just use it, after all, its used in the other sections class. My life really sucks at times

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OK, OK... I'll write something

So all our friends are really good bloggers and always have good things to write about. SO... I thought we would jump on the band wagon . . . and let everyone know . . . we can blog too! Ha, Clayton if you are reading this, I know what you were thinking, sucker. Truth be told, Gina and I actually do some pretty cool things, but when it comes to pictures of what we do, I always ruin them. Don't believe me? Look at these:
Wait, it gets worse...
and yet even worse!

So a couple weekends ago, Gina and I went up to a friends cabin. Gina is the YW pres in our ward, so she took all the girls up to the cabin too! We had a great time, sledding, snowmobiling, playing in the snow and lots of other things as well. Unfortunately my head got really wet and added to the creepyness of these photos. Now the last photo I hope you all know that I meant to make that face! Unfortunately, those other ones I just happen to look like I have horse teeth. All and all, the weekend was fun and we loved it. Stay tuned for more excitement from Ross and Gina's adventures!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cable, Internet, Macintosh, OH MY!!!

Ok, so we did it.  Gina and I finally gave into the whole being somewhat "technologically advanced" thing.  Hold your breath and sit down cause I am about to knock your socks off!  Today, this nice man came to the door and introduced himself as the "comcast man."  I let him in and he spent some time doing who knows what while I folded some laundry.  When he was done, he told me we had some thing called cable and that I could now access the. . . i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t?  It took me a while to figure it out, but this is what it boils down to.  1) Our TV now as a bunch of channels vs yesterday when only channel 13 would work. 2) The TV now has a really clear picture instead of being all fuzzy with diagonal lines going through the screen.  3) I can now write this blog from a computer in my own house instead of having to say, drive all the way to my parents house, take the lap top to a nearby parking lot where a wireless signal was available, or go up to the U where the "internet" is everywhere.  That "comcast man" was something special to have done all those things in such a short time.  Anyway,  this being the first post of the "technological Quigley era"  I just thought I would share my thoughts.  Oh and also, now that we have the internet, we went out and bought this fancy new computer.  I have never owned a Mac before and to be honest, I am quite confused with the whole thing.  I was able to figure out how to use the camera that is built into this thing to take some pictures for ya'll

This was my face when I turned on the TV and 
saw that there were multiple channels with such 
a nice and neat picture!  First thing I watched 
Channel 76!  76!!  Wow!

This was my face when I turned on the computer 
and saw that the "internet" was now available
from inside our own house!  This is frickin' amazing!


This was what happened when I tried to figure out the 
camera thing on our new mac.  Still don't know what is
going on and how to do things with this computer, but
I'll learn!  How did it take four pictures? It's pretty cool though, eh?

Monday, November 24, 2008


OK, so I was a little discouraged after our last post because no one commented any ideas on what Gina and I should be for Halloween. Well, there were a couple, so thank you. However, because of the lack of response I figured no one would mind if it took a while for us to get around to posting something new. So a month later, here we are and plenty has happened since then. So here is an update to catch you all up on what we have been up too.

First off, I neglected to remember to post about Gina's birthday! Don't worry, I didn't forget all together! Gina's birthday is kind of fun because it is a little different than the normal birthday. See, she doesn't do the whole sugar thing, I still am not sure how, so the traditional cake is out of the question. What do you do? I asked myself this many times, but Gina does have a love for something sweet, fruit! So I made her a fruit cake! err... salad. It was really fun, I got to use a melon baller! Anyway, Gina is officially 24 as of last Oct. 1st. Happy B-day again!

Next, even though we didn't get many ideas for Halloween, we came up with a pretty good costume. Even though we couldn't find anywhere that had nose puddy, our Christmas Who outfits turned out pretty good. Gina makes a really good who. You'll never ever guess how she gets her hair to stay up like that! Those of you that just looked at the picture and thought "I bet she ..." your guess is wrong, I guarantee it. I however, don't make the best who. Putting on the sparkling makeup, doing may hair all crazy and wearing green fish net stockings made me feel more like a Christmas cross dresser! We had a fun time though! We spent the evening at a party with some friends who had some nice costumes of their own.

Football! Can you say crazy? That is how I felt about the TCU Utah game on the 6th! It was a long miserable cold game in all regards until about 2 minutes left when the Utes finally woke up and put together the game winning drive to stay undefeated! Those of you who don't know, the Quigley's (minus Gina) are huge Utah fans. Fall Saturdays are all about football and the Quigley boys (Ross, Dad and Clayson) are usually found somewhere between sections 25 and 24 in the north end zone of Rice-Eccles Stadium! Go UTES!

Those of you who know Gina know that she is an active girl always doing fun things. This summer she was introduced into biking and has been trying me to get into it as well. I finally did and I really really like it! I got a bike and all the gear, yes that includes tight shorts and even a pair of tight pants for cold weather, and have been out a few times! My first ride ever I went for a 25 mile ride to the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon and back. I was a very tired boy when I got home! It is really fun and I am really glad Gina convinced me to get a bike! Thanks Sweetie! Oh, and she is twice the rider I am so I have some work to do, I can't let her out do me for too long, right?

So Gina spends a lot of time at work these days, its not easy being a sugar momma! She is the best sugar momma around though! Anyway, speaking of sugar, while she is at work she should hide the sugar because I just can't be held responsible for what happens while she is gone! Yes, that thing on the plate is a ginormous cookie! Yay for cookies!

Back too football!! Do I need to say anything? Utah has completed an undefeated season, again, and will be going to a BCS bowl, again, and I couldn't be happier! This past weekend has been just absolutely great! All week I wasn't able to concentrate on my school, work was meaningless, and I could barely sleep I was so excited for the Utah BYU game. And all my built up excitement was worth it! What a game. Utah wins 48-24 in what was probably the biggest game ever played between the two. Utah not only won, they won the Mountain West Conference Championship and a BCS bowl bid is likely to follow! I love it. Gina is being a great sport about it all too. My family is a little crazy about Utah football, and Gina being a BYU fan gets to hear about it a lot! However, I have to say that she is being really good about the whole thing and isn't making excuses, but is happy for the Utes success. It has been a great year for Utah football and to be a Utah fan. At the Utah BYU game, I was going crazy, screaming all game long, jumping up and down, high fiving anybody and everybody I could get my hands too, and even trying to pick up my little brother! It was awesome! At the conclusion of the game, Clayson and I rushed the field (no we weren't part of the morons who ran on the field with 2 minutes left to play). It was awesome! There were so many people that it was impossible to stand in the same place. Before it was all over, I gave Freddie Brown high five, slapped Matt Asiata's shoulder pads, and stood belly to belly with Alex Smith! It was absolutely one of the greatest moments I have ever had as a Utah football fan. The best ever was when I was just a kid and Utah beat BYU 34-31 for the first time. I was at the game with my dad and when that last field goal went through, he picked me up and threw me into the air! I ended up a few rows up, but it was awesome! GO UTES!!!
Oh and in case you all were wondering, I did not rush the field with my shirt off, but rest assured that I was ready and prepared to do so if it became necessary to do so! I am a Utah man sir... are you? (Gina, I made the picture small as to try and not embarrass myself or you!! Love you!)